Sa. Apr 20th, 2024

• TUSD has regained $1 parity after a 3-day depeg.
• Apple is threatening to remove Damus from the App Store over Bitcoin Lightning payments.
• US lawmakers are introducing a bill to restructure the SEC and remove Chairman Gary Gensler.

TUSD Regains $1 Parity After Three-Day Depeg

The USD-backed stablecoin Tether (TUSD) has recently regained its $1 parity after being depegged for three days, according to an announcement from its issuer on June 13. The news comes as welcome relief for market participants who were concerned about the implications of such an event occurring in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Apple Threatens To Remove Damus From App Store Over Bitcoin Lightning Payments

Apple is reportedly threatening to remove popular cryptocurrency wallet app Damus from their App Store due to its support for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network payments. According to sources familiar with the matter, Apple believes that supporting this technology poses too much of a risk and could potentially lead to money laundering or other illegal activities on their platform. However, it remains unclear whether or not they will actually go through with this decision or if it is just a negotiating tactic.

Circle CEO Praises US Stablecoin Bill In Remarks Prepared For House Committee Hearing

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire recently praised a new piece of legislation that would create a framework for the regulation of U.S.-based stablecoins in remarks prepared for a House committee hearing on June 10th. Allaire applauded the law as „the first comprehensive federal legislative proposal“ related to digital assets and said that it would provide much needed clarity and certainty around this space. He also expressed his hope that this bill would help foster innovation and open up new opportunities in the market.

eToro Ending US Customers‘ Access To Four Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency trading platform eToro is ending access for US customers to four cryptocurrencies: Cardano (ADA), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Zcash (ZEC) and Augur’s REP token by July 8th, 2021, according to recent reports. This decision comes amidst increased scrutiny from regulators regarding how these assets are traded by US citizens, with some arguing that they may be subject to stricter securities laws than other tokens currently available on eToro’s platform such as Bitcoin or Ethereum’s Ether token (ETH).

US Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Restructure SEC, Remove Chairman Gary Gensler

US lawmakers have introduced a bill aimed at restructuring the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in order to better oversee digital asset markets and protect investors from fraud and manipulation. The proposed legislation would also remove current SEC Chairman Gary Gensler who has been heavily criticized by industry players for his strict stance on crypto regulation since taking office earlier this year. If passed, this bill could have far reaching implications for how digital assets are regulated within the United States going forward

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